HR Policy

Employees are the most valuable asset and partners of our company. They create value and keep the company competitive. Richtek bases it's HR policy on respect for humanity. We achieve consensus through communication and mutual respect. Maintaining a harmonious organization and creating a comfortable work environment makes Richtek a strong family. We ask that our employees make use of a consistent methodology to improve the quality of their work and instill a culture of life-long learning.Having a high quality and stable employee base is the key factor in Richtek's success.


We formulate our compensation system on the basis of performance and profit sharing. Richtek provides benefits to satisfy employee needs and familial responsibilities.

Compensation & Benefits

14 month annual income; wages based on performance.

  • Stocks & Bonus.
  • Quarterly Reward based on profits.
  • Labor insurance, health insurance, and group insurance.
  • A vacation system which is more generous than current labor law.
  • Humanized management, flexible working hours.
  • Birthday gift coupon (spouses included).
  • Wedding, funeral, birth, education benefits plus three major holidays.
  • Convey greetings for injury, illness and emergencies.
  • Annual health examination.
  • Employee Welfare Committee will hold different activities, domestic and overseas tours and household communication activities.
  • Grant for advanced language studies.
  • Provisional employee dormitory.
  • Allowance to buy PDA.
  • Discount store.
  • Casual dress code and company merchandise issued as gift.
  • Tea break every Friday.(different snacks for every week)
  • Lottery at the year-end dinner party.


We provide many learning resources to our staff and encourage them to enhance their work performance. To this end, we conduct a variety of training and development courses of various levels and competencies.

Training & Development

  • Professional Learning
    Richtek reserves a large portion of its budget for professional courses to enhance the skills and knowledge of our staff. Individual departments also offer courses on a regular basis.
  • Language Learning
    To achieve our goal of internationalization, Richtek supports our staff in the acquisition of a foreign language. We provide w10 pd5-10 classes in English and Japanese as well as subsidies for external training.
  • New Staff Training
    Senior staff is assigned to assist new staff members in becoming familiar with the work environment, thus enhancing their understanding of and identification with the corporation in a short period of time. The Human Resources department, in cooperation with other departments, develops basic courses to acclimate new staff to company practices.
  • Genaral Courses
    External lecturers are invited to speak on topics which are fundamental to the occupations and daily lives of our staff.
  • Management Courses
    Richtek has implemented a series of plans to increase managerial skills with the goal of promoting and developing personnel. The findings of management level consensus and study groups are also implemented on a regular basis.
  • Scholarships
    Richtek provides scholarships to encourage our staff to further their education outside of the workplace.