Management Team

Chairman – Rick Tsai
Experience Chairman, Richtek
CEO, MediaTek
Chairman & CEO, Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd.
President & CEO, TSMC
President – Chris Yuan
Experience President, Richtek
Deputy Manager, Analog Integrations Corporation
Vice President, Product Business Center – Nick Liu  
Experience Vice President, Product Business Center, Richtek
Business Development Director, Texas Instruments China
Sales Director, Texas Instruments Taiwan
Vice President, Global Sales Center – Tom Kuo
Experience Vice President, Global Sales Center, Richtek

VP Sales and Taiwan Country Manager, Synaptics Taiwan

Sales & Marketing VP and GM, Texas Instruments

Vice President, Operation Management Center – Peter Peng 

Experience Vice President, Operation Management Center, Richtek

General Manager, Crystal International Group

Director, Pou Chen Group

Vice President, Finance & Accounting Division – Scott Wang 
Experience Vice President, Finance & Accounting Division, Richtek
Vice President, RITEK Corporation
Vice President, AD & HR Center – York Chang
Experience Vice President, AD & HR Center, Richtek
Vice President, Administration Division, Richtek
Director, Administration, Etron Technology Inc.
Vice President, AD & HR Center – Nancy Wei

Vice President, AD & HR Center, Richtek
Vice President. Human Resources Division, Richtek

Deputy Director, Human Resources, TSMC