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Introducing the new Richtek product selection guide
NOV. 28, 2019 | Newsletter Issue 35
Automotive systems

Richtek understands finding the right power solution for your application can be a challenge. With more than 400 high-performance products, we have released a new product selection guide to help you quickly and easily find the right solution.

What are the differences from the previous edition?

❶ New ordering can help you quickly find the right product.

Included in this selection guide are selected product portfolio including linear and switching regulators, LED drivers, battery management, USB interface and PD controllers, AC-DC, power switches, PMICs, reset ICs and hot swap controllers, audio amplifiers, sensors, op-amps, gate drivers and power discrete. You can quickly narrow the selection for your applications by selecting products listed in ascending order. This gives you a clear idea on our product range, voltage/current driving capability, and product key features.

❷ Simplifies review by focussing on the essential product features that are important to your designs.

We select the most important criteria which matters to your applications, such as quiescent current, different Buck control loop topologies, specific qualification and more. You can find a brief description on each product line and key features to understand individual functions and advantages. Additionally, no more struggling with A or B or C version to choose from. You can see the differences among the same product number in different versions.

❸ Integration into our sales and distribution enables you to get from product identification to more purchase information in a few clicks.

Once you find a suitable product, you can quickly access its product page for datasheet download, design tools and supporting materials. We also provide on-line-buy and free samples for selected products. If additional assistance is needed, please contact us.

→ Download here!

Automotive systems

Check out the products that meet your area of interest for more information

42V, 3.5A/5A Async., Buck Converter

The RT6343/45 is a 4V~42V input, 0.8V~Vin output, 3.5A/5A, peak current mode asynchronous Buck converter in SOP-8 and WDFN-10L 4x4 packages. 100KHz~2.5MHz wide switching frequency along with 300KHz~2.2MHz synchronization allows for efficiency and component size optimization. Featuring less than 2.25µA shutdown current and 100µA quiescent current, the RT6343/45 with simple external compensation can support 12V, 24V power systems, GPS, entertainment devices, etc.

60V, 3.5A/5A Async., Buck Converter

The RT6363/65 is a 4V~60V input, 0.8V~Vin output, 3.5A/5A, peak current mode asynchronous Buck converter in SOP-8 and WDFN-10L 4x4 packages. In the same footprints as the RT6343/45, the RT6363/65 also has similar features such as 100µA low quiescent current, adjustable wide switching frequency, externally adjustable soft start, power good etc. This makes it an ideal choice for 48V power systems, GPS, etc.

23V, 6A/8A ACOTTM Buck Converter

The RT6306A/08A is a 4.5V~23V input, 0.6V~5.1V output, 6A/8A, 500KHz, ACOTTM synchronous Buck converter in a UQFN-12HL 3x3(FC) package. The RT6306A/08A features the diode emulation mode (DEM) to reduce switching frequency at light load and output voltage ripple as well as the ultrasonic mode (USM) to eliminate audio frequency modulation. This makes it ideal for industrial and commercial low power systems, computer peripherals, LCD monitors and TVs, green electronics, etc.

17V, 8A ACOTTM Buck Converter

The RTQ2823A/B is a 4.5V~17V input, 0.6V~5.5V output, 8A, ACOTTM synchronous Buck converter in a thermally enhanced VQFN-18L 3.5x3.5(FC) package (A: internal pull high/B: internal pull low). Integrating 9.8m/4.5mohm MOSFETs and a diode for bootstrap circuit, the RTQ2823A/B offers selectable functions including 400k/800k/1200kHz switching frequency, current limit levels and FCCM/DCM light load modes for design flexibility. It operates in the range of -40°C to 125°C, ideal for server, storage, network equipment, telecom infrastructure, POL power modules etc.

3CHs, I2C control, PMIC

The RT5800 is a 3V~6V input, 0.3V~1.85V output, max. 5.5A per phase, 2+1+1/2+2 multi-phase output programmable power management IC with 4 integrated synchronous Buck converters. It provides 3 outputs with the load capacity of 10A, 5A and 5A or 2 outputs with the load capacity of 11A and 9A.

And it supports various programmable functions via I2C control including voltage level, slew rate of voltage change and slew rate of soft-start. It also has the interrupt and fault-detection functions as well as the watchdog function. The RT5800 is available in a WQFN-30L 4.5x4.5(FC) package where the pin arrangement is based on failure mode analysis to increase high reliability, ideal for automotive systems.

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