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Richtek Newsletter   Mar. 28, 2019 | Newsletter Issue 31
Brushless DC(BLDC) motors
Brushless DC(BLDC) motors are cost-effective, are efficient, are more controllable and require less maintenance. However, it requires a high-precision control to deliver high-performance BLDC motors. Richtek provides comprehensive BLDC solutions with advantages below:
  • The integrated ARM 32 bit Cortex-M0 core with peripheral circuits to perform motor control.

  • High-performance sensorless sinewave Field Oriented Control achieves silent operation and robust functionality.

  • The embedded motor control library allows designers simply change the programming for various applications.

  • Complying with UL IEC-60730-1 Class B safety certification ensures safe operation under any firmware fault conditions.

  • The IC firmware reprogramming allows designers to modify even after the hardware is assembled. This successfully lowers the risk and related costs associated with wasted stock.

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Solutions to quiet home appliances
Solutions to quiet home appliances
Partnering with a Tier 1 Japanese home appliance manufacturer, Richtek has proven that our BLDC motor solution does deliver high performance and a <25dBA low acoustic noise level on a 40W air purifier. Our solution successfully reduces 10dB noise level compared to other IC supplier’s solution.

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Let us be your partner
Richtek’s BLDC solutions can be used in various motor applications. Richtek has developed a comprehensive BLDC motor driver solution including motor controllers, gate drivers, discrete power MOSFETs, 2-in-1 and All-in-1 integrated modules along with PFC controllers, and standby power ICs. We offer complete support from the start of development through to product launch.

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Richtek’s BLDC solutions
Check out the products that meet your area of interest for more information
RTQ2104-QA RTQ2104-QA is an AEC-Q100 automotive grade 1 qualified, 3V-36VIN, 3A, 2.1MHz, synchronous Buck Converter with 40µA Iq in a PSOP-8 package. Featuring complete protection functions, the RTQ2104-QA also has built-in spread-spectrum frequency modulation for low EMI.

For complete overall automotive solutions, please download the file:

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RTQ2106-QA RTQ2106-QA is an AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified, 3V-36VIN, 3A, 2.1MHz, synchronous Buck Converter with 40µA Iq in a TSSOP-14 package. The RTQ2106-QA is a highly flexible automotive power solution providing selectable PSM/PWM at light load, adj. soft-start, and 2A-6A adj. current limit. For switching noise sensitive applications, it can be externally synchronized from 0.3MHz to 2.2MHz. It also has the built-in spread-spectrum frequency modulation for low EMI.
RT9086 RT9086 is a 2.2V-5.5VIN, 1.2V-4.5VOUT/25mVstep ,250mA, ultra-low Noise, 16µA low Iq LDO Regulator. It is designed for applications requiring very low dropout voltage and 85dB ultra-high Power Supply Ripple Rejection (PSRR) for low noise. The−40°C to 125°C operating junction temperature range makes it ideal for various portable applications.

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RT9422 RT9422 Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery fuel gauge is a microcontroller peripheral that provides battery fuel gauging for 1-series(1sXp) Li-ion/Li-polymer applications. The RT9422 provides complete battery status monitor with interrupt alarm function. The Voltaic GaugeTM with Current Sensing (VGCS) algorithm supports smoothly SOC and does not accumulate error with time and current. Delivering ±1% current measurement and ±7.5mV voltage measurement, it is ideal for handheld and wearable devices, etc.
RT9119 RT9119 is a I2S-input, dual channel digital audio system with EQ and frequency DRC control. It delivers 2x20W into 8Ω BTL speaker loads with over 90% power efficiency and eliminates the need for heat-sink. It can support both master and slave mode with input sampling rate from 8kHz to 96kHz. The RT9119 features three band DRC and flexible multi-band biquads for anti-clipping, power limiting, and speaker equalization.