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SEP. 26, 2019 | Newsletter Issue 34

In the future, the convergence of automotive and electronics will create a new and complex automotive system. Cars will become computers on wheels. To power more electronic control systems, Richtek has tackled automotive power design challenges to meet the expectations of high quality, reliability and safety.

Automotive systems

Automotive power-supply architecture is constrained by severe conditions including extreme temperature fluctuations, critical input transient conditions, electromagnetic emissions and so on. Richtek’s automotive solutions are all AEC-Q100 standard qualified to ensure consistent product performance from -40°C up to 125°C. Our solutions with wide input range meet the ISO16750-2/ISO7637-2 international industry standard, providing stable and reliable voltage to handle engine cold crank profile down from 3V and load dump transients up to 60V. We solve EMI problems with the designs of external clock synchronization, spread spectrum and low-level radiation packages.

Building on long-term quality management, we can ensure the best quality control from the very beginning of product development all the way to monitoring shipment records of delivery. We have defined the Mission Profile for the assessment of real application robustness and implemented the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to ensure that potential problems have been considered and addressed during system operations. We will introduce the ISO26262 functional safety standard for product designs and the required development processes.

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Connecting the future

Partnering with MediaTek, we strive to develop robust solutions to power infotainment, telematics and ADAS systems for the electrified, connected and automated vehicles of today as well as tomorrow.

∎ Telematics

We have developed products featuring low quiescent current, low noise and high PSRR to enhance power solutions for telematics system requirement.

∎ Advanced Driver Assistance System

We have developed not only highly integrated PMICs for camera modules but also power management products for radar sensors that transmit or receive 77GHz/79GHz signals.

∎ Infotainment

Our products meet a rigorous starting profile, designed to lower EMI interference in reliable wettable flank packages.

The RTQ2115A/C-QA and RTQ2116A/C-QA family is our new addition to the infotainment products as charging portable devices for when on the move becomes necessary. The RTQ2115/6 family is AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified Type-A and Type-C charging port controller with DC/DC converter integrated IC. Supporting USB 2.0 BC1.2 SDP, CDP, DCP, divider 3 mode and 1.2V shorted mode to comply with the fast charging mode of mobile devices, this family provides the electrical signatures on D+/D- to recognise charging schemes.

The RTQ2115A/C-QA implements a wide-bandwidth data switch which helps users to simultaneously play high quality in-car infotainment while charging. Featuring spread-spectrum frequency modulation for reducing EMI and high frequency operation for reducing middle wave band interference, this family has complete protection features for VBUS short-to-Vbat and DS+/DS- short-to-Vbat. The RTQ2115/6 family is available in wettable frank packages to improve the CCD inspection during production and soldering reliability.


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PWM Controller for USB

The RT7753GCV is specifically designed to work with a secondary controller, such as the RT7202, to provide a total solution for USB PD and programmable power adapters. It has wide output range and high efficiency, consuming less than 50mW in a 5V standby condition. It includes several innovations in order to achieve a wide range of output voltage, offering adjustable output OVP threshold voltage, and current limit to meet Limited Power Source (LPS) safety requirements.

Smart Cap Divider Charger

The RT9759 is a up to 8A high charge current smart cap divider charger. The efficiency is up to 97.8% @VBAT = 4.2V, IBAT = 2.5A. It integrates external over-voltage protection control, input reverse blocking NFET, a dual-phase charge pump core, 15-way protection, 7-way system alarm and 9-channel high speed analog-to-digital converter. It is an ideal fast charge solution for portable devices.

3A, 1.5MHz Single Cell Switching Battery Charger

The RT9470/D is a 3A, 1.5MHz highly-integrated switching battery charger with system power path management for a single cell Li-ion/Li-polymer battery. It supports 3.9V~13.5V input voltage range during charging mode, and the efficiency can be up to 92% at 2A from 5V input and 3.8V battery. When operating in OTG mode, the efficiency is up to 92% at 1A with 3.8V battery and 5.15V output. It has I2C serial interface for charging and system settings, which makes it a very flexible solution.

2A, 6.5V, Ultra Low Noise, Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator

The RTQ2532W is a 2A output current, 1.1V~6.5V input voltage, low dropout linear regulator (LDO) with 125mV(max) @2A low dropout. Its output voltage is pin-selectable (0.8V~3.95V) using a PCB layout without any external resistors or set by a voltage divider (0.8V~5.5V). Featuring 1% high accuracy over output line/load regulation and temperature, high PSRR (40dB@500kHz), low noise (6.8µVRMS@0.8V, 10µVRMS@3.3V), enable control, soft start and Power Good, it operates over -40°C~125°C, ideal for high performance portable devices, RF/IF components, etc.