AC-DC Non-Isolated LED Drivers


AC/DC non-isolated LED drivers can achieve high efficiency with less BOM count, ideal for cost-sensitive LED lamp replacement. Richtek’s LED driver solutions feature high efficiency, high power factor, excellent current regulation and few EMI components. Furthermore, our THD compensation design enables system to pass IEC-61000-3-2 class C in buck configuration.

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Boost PFC controller:
Part NumberDescriptionRelated Products
RT7300ADActive PFC Controller with Critical Conduction ModeAC-DC > PFC Controllers
Floating Buck C.C. Controller:
Part NumberDescriptionRelated Products
RT8458AHigh Efficiency PWM Buck LED Driver ControllerLED Drivers > AC-DC Lighting LED Drivers
Hysteretic Control Buck C.C. Converter:
Part NumberDescriptionRelated Products
RT84201.2A, Hysteretic, High Brightness LED Driver with Internal SwitchLED Drivers > DC-DC Lighting LED Drivers
Average Sensing Control C.C. Controller:
Part NumberDescriptionRelated Products
RT8406High Voltage Buck LED Driver with Dimming ControlLED Drivers > AC-DC Lighting LED Drivers
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