Programmable Burst Switching Green Mode/Burst Mode Level Flyback Controller


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The RT7737 series are enhanced high efficient PWM flyback controller with proprietary SmartJitterTM technology. The innovative SmartJitterTM technology not only reduces the EMI emissions of SMPS when the system enters burst switching green mode, but also eliminates the output jittering ripple. Also, the RT7737 series feature programmable burst switching green mode and burst mode level for adopting different application requirements to optimize the product performance. To meet the stringent trend toward performance, the RT7737 series are the best choice for product designers.

The RT7737 is available in SOT-23-6 package. It is a current mode PWM controller providing comprehensive protection functions, including an input Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO), a VDD Over-Voltage Protection (OVP), an Over-Load Protection (OLP), a Secondary Rectifier Sort Protection (SRSP), a CS pin open protection and a cycle-by-cycle current limit. With the above features, the RT7737 is a cost-effective and compact solution for AC/DC products.


  • Switching AC/DC Adaptor
  • DVD Open Frame Power Supply
  • Set-Top Box (STB)
  • ATX Standby Power
  • TV/Monitor Standby Power
  • PC Peripherals
  • NB Adaptor
  • AC-DC Power Supply
Key Spec.
RT7737A RT7737G RT7737H RT7737L
Status Active Active Active Active
Feedback Regulation Mode SSR SSR SSR SSR
Switching Frequency_Normal (kHz) 65 65 100 65
Peak load Application No No No No
HV Start-up No No No No
CCM/Valley Multi-mode CCM/Hard Switching Multi-mode CCM/Hard Switching Multi-mode CCM/Hard Switching Multi-mode CCM/Hard Switching Multi-mode
Programmable Burst/Green-mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brown-in/out No No No No
External OTP No No No No
UVLO ON (V) 15.5 13.5 13.5 13.5
UVLO OFF (V) 9 9 9 9
VDD OVP (V) 27 27 27 27
Package Type SOT-26 SOT-26 SOT-26 SOT-26
  • Proprietary SmartJitterTM Technology
    ► Reducing EMI Emissions of SMPS
    ► Output Jittering Ripple Elimination
  • Programmable Burst Switching Green Mode Level
  • Programmable Burst Mode Level
  • Accurate Over Load Protection
  • Driver Capability : 200mA/-300mA
  • High Noise Immunity