60VIN, 3.5A, Asynchronous Step-Down Converter with Low Quiescent Current


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The RTQ2963 is a 3.5A, high-efficiency, peak current mode control asynchronous step-down converter which is optimized for automotive applications. The device operates with input voltages from 4V to 60V and is protected from load dump transients up to 65V, eases input surge protection design. The device can program the output voltage between 0.8V to VIN. The low quiescent current design with the integrated low RDS(ON) of high-side MOSFET achieves high efficiency over the wide load range. The peak current mode control with simple external compensation allows the use of small inductors and results in fast transient response and good loop stability.

The wide switching frequency of 100kHz to 2500kHz allows for efficiency and size optimization when selecting the output filter components. The ultra-low minimum on-time enables constant-frequency operation even at very high step-down ratios. For switching noise sensitive applications, it can be externally synchronized from 300kHz to 2200kHz. The build-in spread-spectrum frequency modulation further helping systems designers with better EMC management.

The RTQ2963 provides complete protection functions such as input under-voltage lockout, output under-voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and thermal shutdown. Cycle-by-cycle current limit provides protection against shorted outputs, and soft-start eliminates input current surge during start-up. The RTQ2963 is available in WDFN-10L 4x4 and SOP-8 (Exposed pad) packages.


  • Automotive, Communications and Industrial 12V, 24V and 48V Power Systems
  • Industrial Automation and Motor Control
  • Vehicle Accessories : GPS, Entertainment
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60VIN, 3.5A, Asynchronous Step-Down Converter with Low Quiescent Current2020/08/06
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