High Efficiency, Main Power Supply Controller for Notebook Computer


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The RT8205L/M is a dual step-down, switch mode power supply controller generating logic-supply voltages in battery powered systems. It includes two Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) controllers adjustable from 2V to 5.5V, and also features fixed 5V/3.3V linear regulators. Each linear regulator provides up to 100mA output current with automatic linear regulator bootstrapping to the PWM outputs. An optional external charge pump can be monitored through SECFB (RT8205M). The RT8205L/M includes on-board power up sequencing, a power good output, internal soft-start, and internal soft-discharge output that prevents negative voltage during shutdown.
The constant on-time PWM control scheme operates without sense resistors and provides 100ns response to load transient response while maintaining nearly constant switching frequency. To eliminate noise in audio applications, an ultrasonic mode is included, which maintains the switching frequency above 25kHz. Moreover, the diode-emulation mode maximizes efficiency for light load applications. The RT8205L/M is available in a WQFN-24L 4x4 package.


  • Notebook and Sub-Notebook Computers
  • 3-Cell and 4-Cell Li+ Battery-Powered Devices
  • Notebooks