Gate Drivers & DrMOS


The high-power switching supply usually uses a high-power MOSFET or IGBT as a power switch. The gate driver is a power amplifier that accepts pulse signals from a PWM controller and produces a high-current drive input to the gate of high-power MOSFET or IGBT. With the long-term experience in power management designs, Richtek’s gate drivers have been applied in computers, switching power supplies, etc.

DrMOS integrates a gate driver and power MOSFETs into a small package. High reliability and low electromagnetic interference, combined with high power density, enable designers to save board space and still deliver superior performance.

Product Line

The following is a list of products released in the last

Part NumberDescriptionShareDatasheetFree Sample
RT9614ASingle Phase Synchronous Rectified Buck MOSFET Driver Not available
RT9624FSingle Phase Synchronous Rectified Buck MOSFET Driver Not available
Technical Documents
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Richtek Selection Guide [Oct., 2020]2020/11/18