LCD & OLED Display Power


Richtek offers an extensive display power portfolio, including LCD bias and OLED power drivers, ideal for portable or wearable applications. Supporting high responsiveness to deliver the best picture quality, our driver products in unique topologies can optimise power efficiency for various display sizes. Richtek has built on the essentials to offer next-generation applications with higher current loads. We also provide design tools and technical resources to accelerate your design time.

The following is a list of products released in the last

Part NumberDescriptionShareDatasheetFree Sample
RT4801ADual Output LCD Bias for Smartphones and Tablets Not available
RT4832Sub PMIC with Dual-Output Boost Converter with I2C Interface for Flash LED and Backlight LED, Dual-Output LCD Bias and DSV Not available
RT4801TDual Output LCD Bias for Smartphones and Tablets Not available
RT4831AFour-Channel LCD Backlight Driver with Integrated Bias Power Not available
RT4731Triple Output AMOLED Bias Not available
RT9397BFCharge Pump Controller with Automatic Mode Transition Not available
RT9921Integrated Multi-Channel DC/DC Converter for TFT LCD Panels Not available