SHA-256 Battery Authenticator with 34 Bytes User Memory


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The RT9430 battery authenticator uses challenge and response authentication based on SHA-256 (FIPS 180-3) hash algorithm to ensure that the battery pack is certified by the original manufacturer.

The device supports 34 bytes of programmable non-volatile memory for users to access battery information, 4 bytes Device_ID for chip supplier information and system user information, and 8 bytes unique ROM ID for chip identification code. The RT9430 communicates over the single-wire Interface.


  • Smartphones
  • Portable Applications
Key Spec.
Status Active
Crypto Engine SHA-256
Supply Voltage (Min) (V) 2.8
Supply Voltage (Max) (V) 5
Communication Interface SWI
Package Type TWL-CSP1.46x1.16-6(BSC)
  • SHA-256 FIPS 180-3 Symmetric-Key-Based Secure Authentication Model
  • 34 Bytes of User NVM
  • 32 Bytes of Secret
  • 8 Bytes of ROM_ID
  • 4 Bytes of Device_ID
  • Support NVM Write and Read Protect
  • Supports Anonymous Authentication Mode
  • Single-Wire Interface Bit Rate 50kbps, Supports Normal Mode and Fast Mode
  • TWL-CSP 1.46x1.16mm Package
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SHA-256 Battery Authenticator with 34 Bytes User Memory2020/04/10
Technical Documents
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Richtek Selection Guide [Oct., 2020]2020/12/30