3A, 18V, 650kHz, ACOT® Synchronous Step-Down Converter


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The RT2853A/B are high-performance 650kHz 3A step-down regulators with internal power switches and synchronous rectifiers. They feature quick transient response using their Advanced Constant On-Time (ACOT®) control architecture that provides stable operation with small ceramic output capacitors and without complicated external compensation, among other benefits. The input voltage range is from 4.5V to 18V and the output is adjustable from 0.765V to 7V.

The proprietary ACOT® control improves upon other fast-response constant on-time architectures, achieving nearly constant switching frequency over line, load, and output voltage ranges. Since there is no internal clock, response to transients is nearly instantaneous and inductor current can ramp quickly to maintain output regulation without large bulk output capacitance. The RT2853A/B are stable with and optimized for ceramic output capacitors.

With internal 110mΩ switches and 30mΩ synchronous rectifiers, the RT2853A/B display excellent efficiency and good behavior across a range of applications, especially for low output voltages and low duty cycles. Cycle-by-cycle current limit, input under-voltage lock-out, externally-adjustable soft-start, output under- and over-voltage protection, and thermal shutdown provide safe and smooth operation in all operating conditions.

The RT2853A and RT2853B are each available in WQFN-16L 3x3 package, with exposed thermal pads.


  • Industrial and Commercial Low Power Systems
  • Computer Peripherals
  • LCD Monitors and TVs
  • Point of Load Regulation for High-Performance DSPs, FPGAs, and ASICs
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3A, 18V, 650kHz, ACOT® Synchronous Step-Down Converter2015/04/29
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